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SIGMUND TALKS is your personal content assistant. As chatbot, he accompanies you from your first idea to the publication of your story.

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Bye writer's block, hello inspiration

Today, content creation gets more complex, and the amount of potential communication channels is exploding. Creating relevant content is more challenging and time-consuming than ever. Content creation starts today on the blank sheet of paper. With the first assistant for content co-creation, Sigmund, writing blockades are a thing of the past.

Advantage: Best advice

Best advice

Sigmund advises you from the first idea to the publication of your content, that you achieve your communication goals.

Advantage: Content excellence

Content excellence

Goodbye writer's block. Sigmund generates parts of your content and accompanies you along your creative process.

Advantage: Task automation

Task automation

No confusing dashboards. No complicated text programs. Automating your content-related tasks with Sigmund is as easy 
as writing text messages.

Feature: Strategic planning

Strategic planning

Set your guidelines and goals to discover topics and formats that perform best for your audience.

Feature: Creative Briefing

Creative briefing

Brief Sigmund to get creative concepts with pre-formulated texts, tips, and rich media content.

Feature: Smart editor

Smart editor

Complete and optimize your content in a unique editing environment for maximum productivity.

Feature: Easy publishing

Easy publishing

Export and use your stories in all your tools and channels, whenever you need it.

That's what our users say

Daniela Keller
„When I write with Sigmund, my articles get more diverse - he has so many ideas and suggestions for good blog articles!“

Daniela Keller

Suheda Türedi
„Since I'm talking to Sigmund, I've been saving time creating my marketing content. A real must-have for all content marketers!“

Suheda Türedi

More variety for your blog


Conduct exciting interviews that give readers new impulses and opinions. Sigmund helps you to ask the right questions.


With this classic you win new fans: lists are informative and are read with pleasure. Sigmund shows you how lists work best.

News posts

Keep your audience up to date and inform about news. With Sigmund you publish your updates in an instant.

Podcast scripts

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. But even audio media needs a good concept. With Sigmund you write the perfect script.


DIY articles and tutorials prove your expertise and position you as a problem solver. Sigmund helps you with writing.

Much more …

Sigmund supports you in the creation of numerous other formats and content. What's your next idea?

An answer to all questions

A chatbot is a computer program that lets you communicate in natural language. As if you were texting with a smart robot 😀 Chatbots are often called virtual personal assistants. For example, Sigmund is your personal assistant for marketing!

As your personal copywriter Sigmund advises you on your individual marketing strategy and helps you to implement it. He supports you in creating great content, in finding topics or defining your target group. Also, he suggests suitable formats, structures and creative ideas. The result: diverse content, created in half the time.

Sigmund can help you create content for any topic. Because as a copywriter, he not only masters a quick search, but also supports you in briefing, structuring and with diverse ideas when formulating content. What you want to write about is up to you 😀

Sigmund guides you through the entire content creation process - from the first idea to the generated article. He uses your strategy and advises you context-based in the chat. This will save you up to 50% of the time in content creation compared to writing without support.

As an assistant Sigmund advises you on your individual marketing strategy and helps you to implement it. It supports you in creating great content from your topics for your target group. He suggests suitable formats, structures and creative ideas. The result: diverse content, created in half the time.

The creation process begins with a briefing between you and Sigmund. He advises you on structure, format and creative ideas. On the basis of his artificial intelligence, Sigmund then generates a pre-structured and partially pre-formulated article. You can customize this in the editor, finalize and of course publish.

Yes! Sigmund soon also offers team licenses. As a personal assistant, he already advises you personally to create great content from your ideas. You can use the strategy and article management with the team license together with colleagues. So you work together on your editorial plan and fantastic content! 😀

Press Photo: Award Ceremony Content Startup of the Year

„Content startup of the year“

SIGMUND TALKS was honored as „Content Startup of the Year 2018“ at the Frankfurt Book Fair as part of the CONTENTshift Accelerator Program.

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I am Sigmund, your content assistant. What do we want to write today?
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